Truth Matters.

In a world where moral, biological, historical, mathematical and scientific facts are being questioned, if not outright rejected, we are forced to ask the question, is truth dead? And if it is, what does that mean for our lives, our society and our world, today? Every day it is becoming more and more difficult to stand for truth. In the name of political correctness and tolerance we are told that traditional values and biblical truth are no longer welcome. But before we give up, its time we looked long and hard at what is at stake. How important is truth? Is truth still worth fighting for? Is truth still worth dying for? These are decisions that each and every one of us will have to make as we face an uncertain future.

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Session 1
Touching the Void

A world without truth?

Session 2
Shifting Sand

Can truth be invented?

Session 3
Solid Rock

How can we have certainty?

Session 4
The Final Storm

Are you ready?

Session 5
Here I Stand

Will you stand for truth?

Albia and Fairfield locations will be announced shortly.

Ottumwa: Bridge View Center, 102 Church St. Ottumwa, IA, 52501
Date: September 8-12
Time: 7:00 pm

Centerville: Historic Second Baptist Church, 422 S. 18th St, Centerville, IA, 52544
Date: September 22-26
Time: 7:00 PM


Nathan Cranson

Nathan Cranson is a “Millennial,” and as such, he understands first hand the struggles that his generation faces. “Truth has never been a merely academic pursuit for me,” he says. “It has been a desperate search for order, purpose and meaning. Its hard growing up in a world that doesn’t offer concrete answers to life’s most important questions. I can’t tell you how much joy, security and satisfaction it has given me to find those answers.” Nathan has a masters in theology and has taught in places all around the world. “If there is one thing my generation needs, it is truth.”

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Phone: (641) 226-2113
Email: n8cranson@gmail.com